Expect God. We expect the presence and power of God in all of our meetings! Where God is, there is joy, healing, life, and hope. We come together to meet with and worship the Creator and King of the universe and to be changed by Him.

Expect Honesty. Every sermon is real and honest. All teaching at the King's Church is from the Holy Scriptures with application to modern life. We're real people like you who face the same problems you face and we all need God's truth!

Expect Love. Suburban, urban, black, white, rich and poor, young and old, are all a part of the King's Church. You will be loved unconditionally no matter what and you can be yourself at the King's Church.

What to wear. Come as you are. You'll find friends at the King's Church. Authenticity is important to us. God loves you as you are and we do, too!

At each of our services you can expect our worship band to lead in joyful celebration and worship of Jesus our King, corporate prayer for the governments and nations of the world, truly Biblical preaching and teaching, the celebration of communion, and powerful personal ministry for anyone who desires it. Throughout the week you will also find abundant opportunities for Christian fellowship and to develop friendships, learn the ways of Jesus' Kingdom, and how to live a life of victory.