The Last Days According to Jesus, Part IV

The Last days According to Jesus, Part IV from King's Church on Vimeo.


Declaring neglected and often misunderstood truths, Part IV of Bishop Kouri's controversial message explains the Parable of the Wedding Feast and the Jewish Mission that took place in the first century in order to gather the remnant of Israel and the first fruits of the Gentiles and form them into a New Covenant Nation, the Church of Jesus Christ.

This prophetic event had to be fulfilled in the life-time of Jesus' early disciples to bring an end of the age of Moses and establish Messiah's Day! During the final week of His ministry Jesus boldly proclaimed, that just as Moses and the prophets of Israel had prophesied, judgment was coming on that particular generation of Jews. The promised Kingdom of the Messiah would be taken from the Chief Priests, the rulers of Israel, and yes, even from the apostate Jewish people, and it would be given to another nation, a New Israel (the Church that Jesus had declared to His disciples that He would build as a living temple, a dwelling place for the Spirit of God).

Jesus declared to that generation of Jews that the burning of the City of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Temple by the armies of Rome that had to take place in their day would be a sign on earth that the Old Covenant had ended and that the New Covenant (Messiah's Day) had been established. This particular judgment would be a warning to the nations to obey God's King (the Christ or Messiah) or perish from history.

In His graphic parable of the Wedding Supper, Jesus boldly declared that before this judgment would take place, the Gospel of His Kingship, would be preached by the Apostles of the Lamb and the first ascension-gift apostles throughout the Roman Empire to gather the believing remnant of Jews and the first-fruits of the Gentile nations to form them into the New Covenant Nation (the Church of Jesus Christ).

Just as Jesus prophesied, all these things happened in the life-time of that first century generation!

In 70 AD the armies of Rome burned Jerusalem. Literally, just as Jesus had warned, not one stone of Herod's Temple was left standing on top of another. According to Jesus and the prophets of Israel, this destruction of the Old Temple by the Romans took place so that the Spiritual House that Jesus is building for God, a New Temple made of living stones might be revealed to all nations, and all men everywhere might find the living God!

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